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Hal Davis, JD


If you're hurt at work and deserve compensation for your recovery, shouldn't that be the end of the story? Sadly, that's not always how it works. Since 2004, I've made it my mission to help people like you—ignored, lied to, taken advantage of, and generally left behind by the workers compensation process.

I was fed up seeing honest people turned down when all they wanted was to be treated fair and square, and that's where my partners and I come in. Our lawyers at Davis & Sanchez focus 100% on workers comp law. That's because workers comp cases are the ones we know how to win the most, plain and simple.

My staff, fellow partners and I practice something called 'honest law.' You might be unfamiliar with the concept, but it's pretty simple. Honest law means we promise to give your case a thorough evaluation, always tell you the truth, and do everything humanly possible to help get you the compensation you deserve. Your not just a name on a case file anymore—with us, it's personal. If you're in dire need of workers comp assistance, please click on the contact button below and our staff will get back to you ASAP about scheduling a totally free case evaluation. You'll meet us in person at our relaxing, no-pressure office, discuss your injury, and get answers to all of your questions. And if you qualify, we'll get right to work filing your case.

But your chance to recover workers comp benefits disappears the longer you delay. We all know it takes decades to grow a tree, and the best time to plant is yesterday. Workers comp cases don't quite take 5 decades to resolve, but a year and a half isn't unheard of.

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Why Davis & Sanchez is Idaho's Best Workers Comp Law Firm

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Over 20 Years of Workers Compensation Experience

The lawyers of Davis & Sanchez form one of Arizona's most respected and professional workers compensation law firms, with a combined total of 20 years of experience.

Davis & Sanchez has helped hundreds of hurt workers just like you, which means they've seen just about every kind of injury, hundreds of accidents, and solved countless issues for their clients.

When it comes to your workers comp representation, experience is everything. Working with Davis & Sanchez means you're in safe hands.

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Laser Focus: ONLY Workers Comp Cases

From the very beginning, Davis & Sanchez has only taken on workers comp cases and clients.

Handling a variety of cases—like personal injury law, for example—dilutes the amount of time and experience lawyers can devote to workers comp cases. Getting distracted is the last thing you need from your attorney, because even the smallest mistake can have huge consequences.

Since Davis & Sanchez focuses solely on workers comp law, our attorneys know workers comp inside and out. All of our lawyers are workers comp pros, meaning your case is guaranteed to get the attention you deserve—with no distractions.

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Results You Can Count On: Fair Settlements

There's nothing wrong with getting your fair shake in life. Fair is fair. Our goal is always to win total, 100% compensation for all of our clients' medical expenses, injuries, and time lost from work.

Our attorneys waste zero time arguing with claims adjusters, and have a track record of filing lawsuits IMMEDIATELY instead of playing the waiting game. That's one of the reasons why we settle more than 80% of our cases out of court and consistently get our clients fair settlements.

Honest Abe once said that a lawyer who spends most of his time in the courtroom isn't a very good lawyer at all. But know this—if the insurance company won't give you a fair settlement, Davis & Sanchez will fight for your case in court until we win.

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Your Questions Answered

Do I really need to hire a workers compensation lawyer in Arizona?

No, you aren't required by law to hire a workers comp lawyer. But to be perfectly honest, there's really only one other option—self-representation. And representing yourself is often a frustrating, confusing path that might see your compensation slip through your fingertips.

That's because workers comp law is very tricky. A seasoned workers comp attorney knows every loophole, every trick the insurance companies play, and how to fight for every dime you're owed.

We promise we will never tell a client they need a lawyer if they don't actually need one, as we determine together in your case evaluation.

How much does a worker's comp lawyer cost in Arizona?

Our fees begin at 25% of your monetary settlement. But if you don't receive compensation, there are no fees, period.

How soon will I get money?

That all depends on when your case is settled. Most workers comp cases are heard by a judge within 7 months of filing, and a majority of cases can be settled a month or two before that hearing. The minority of cases that go to court can take another year to finalize.

What locations do you serve?

We currently serve the wonderful people of Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

Will I have to go to court?

Every year, anywhere from 80 to 90% of our cases are settled outside of court. That leaves a very small set of cases that do go to court—but with that said, most of our clients never so much as look at a courtroom.

I have a criminal record. Will that affect my case?

A criminal record doesn't preclude you from a fair legal process. The only exception is when your record involves fraud, insurance or otherwise.

Our attorneys have represented a great deal of clients with past criminal records, and won fair settlements for those clients—and we will continue to do so.

Marcus C.

Construction Manager

"To say Davis & Sanchez took the weight of the world off my shoulders is a complete understatement. Instead of feeling mad, depressed, and helpless about my injury, I can focus on getting better and heading back to work. These guys are the real deal."

More About Idaho Workers Compensation Law

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Find Out if You Have a Case

If you've been hurt at work, don't hesitate. Get a FREE case evaluation and find out if you have a workers compensation case.

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"Davis & Sanchez made my life do a complete 180 after my injury at work. I was feeling hopeless, helpless and angry because of my injury. Davis & Sanchez helped me win the money I deserved, and honestly helped me get my life back, too. I couldn't recommend them more."

Mitch W.

Construction Manager

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