Injury Types

Whatever type of injury you've suffered, we can get you the money you deserve.


Arm injuries can seriously disrupt your ability to work—and not just work, but enjoy life in general. Get the compensation you deserve.
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Of all the people we work with, workers with back injuries are by far our most common clients. See how we can help!
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Being injured or sickened by chemical or environmental agents at work is a horrible experience. We can help!
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Foot and ankle injuries are extremely debilitating. Even small, minor foot injuries sustained at work can require a long time to heal.
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Hip injuries are a common workplace occurrence, and can often cause extreme hardship for those injured.
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Whatever work related infectious injury you're suffering from, we'll help you get the compensation you deserve.
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Knee injuries are serious. They keep you sidelined for weeks or months waiting to heal.
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Leg injuries sustained at work are serious business. Learn about how we can help you get the money you deserve.
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Neck injuries—sometimes called cervical spine injuries—can cause people severe hardship, both inside and outside of the workplace.
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Shoulder injuries happen frequently at work, for a variety of reasons. Learn more about how we can help with your shoulder injury.
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Wrist injuries that happen at work are common, and even small slips and falls can cause big problems.
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No matter where or how you were injured, if it happened at work you could be entitled to compensation.
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