Back Injuries

Injured back on the job?

Of all the people we work with, workers with back injuries are by far our most common clients. With manual labor, your back can very easily be hurt, sometimes with no warning beforehand.

And what's worse, back injuries—even “small” ones—are notorious for putting even the toughest workers out of commission.

The most widespread back injuries coming from industrial settings and other jobs with heavy physical labor are:

  • Damage to soft tissue, including muscle strains and tears;
  • Bulging or herniated discs;
  • Spinal fractures;
  • Infections due to superficial injuries;
  • And in some cases, even spinal nerve damage.

Without a healthy back, it's impossible to enjoy a high quality of life. And if your back has been hurt on the job, it's the insurance company's duty to deliver the compensation you deserve—for your peace of mind, and so you can get back to work.

At Davis & Sanchez, we're here to do one thing—help you win. We want you to get the settlement you deserve, so you can stop worrying and get your life back.

We've already helped hundreds of hard workers just like you fight and win, and we're ready to do the same for you. Give us a call right now and let's get started.


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