Workers Comp Lawyer Won’t Return Your Calls? Do This First.

Workers Comp Lawyer Won’t Return Your Calls? Do This First.

If the attorney you hired suddenly becomes unresponsive to your calls or emails or whatever form of communication you tried to establish, it’s time to hire a different one.

But before you pull the trigger to your lawyer-client relationship, you must make sure that you have exhausted all means necessary to save the said relationship. After all, getting a new lawyer will feel like you’re going back to square one with you’re case.

Lawyers have ethical and legal obligations to communicate with clients to give updates about the case. This responsibility keeps them busy. They have to make preparations to win your case. OR, your case is progressing slowly and they have nothing new to report. It depends on your case. By normal standard, most lawyers will respond right away.

If it took a lawyer two weeks to respond or even longer than that, then you must scour the yellow pages again and look for another lawyer who won’t waste your time.

It’s a Common Complaint

Did you know that attorneys not answering their clients’ phone calls is one of the frustrations of those who seek workers compensation all across the country?

You’ll be surprised to find yourself in the chorus of the many. However, there’s no reason to pin your hope to one irresponsible lawyer when there are 1.35 million others out there.

It’s incredibly frustrating to keep wondering about the progress of the case; whether you have a winning chance or not; whether lady justice will be generous to you after your streak of bad luck, or whether you’ll have a chance to live a normal life again.

These things can drive someone at the edge of their wits. A call-back from your attorney would have sufficed. Before firing your lawyer, there are certain things you must do.

Call the office and inquire about the attorney’s whereabouts

You may speak to a paralegal or the secretary or any human being from the firm. Inform them about your concerns and your necessity to speak with the lawyer. Ask them politely why the lawyer hasn’t been responsive to your calls.

Make a Call Log or Email Log

Mark the date and time that you made the calls or sent emails, including the names of the people you spoke with and email addresses you were in contact with to look for your lawyer. This will help you establish the fact that you have an irresponsible attorney, which you can bring out later when he or she is finally ready to face you.

Send a Certified Mail with a Return Receipt

This letter should contain all the efforts you’ve made to establish communication with your unresponsive lawyer. You can also explain in the letter that you will terminate all the legal services from the firm if the lawyer fails to respond to you at a given time.

Contact the State Bar and Fire the Lawyer

If it has gone far enough and dragging the matter more will only make you extra frustrated. The State Bar will contact the lawyer on your behalf and even if after that he or she still remains unresponsive, move on with a different lawyer. You shouldn’t let someone handle your case when it’s apparent he or she does not have your best interest at heart.

If you live in the greater Utah and Idaho areas and you need reliable attorneys to work on your compensation case, contact Davis and Sanchez PLLC. The lawyers here understand the value of good communication. They will never leave you hanging. That’s how they make sure you get full compensation and all the added benefits that the law allows.

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