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Hurt at work? We are the workers comp only law firm with award-winning attorneys. Find out if you have a case and get the settlement you deserve.

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Hi I'm Hal.

Hal Davis Utah Workers Compensation Lawyer

Hal Davis, JD


Since 2004, I've been on a personal crusade to help folks like you who've been ignored, taken advantage of, or even lied to during the workers compensation process. I get tired of seeing honest, hardworking people denied their fair shake in life. If you got hurt on the job and you deserve compensation to help with your recovery, that should be the end of the story.

Unfortunately, that's not always the case—and that's why my partners and I at Davis & Sanchez are here to help. We live and breathe workers comp law. We only take on employees injured at work because these are the clients we know how to serve best—and the cases we know how to win most.

My staff and I practice what we like to call “honest law.” The concept is pretty simple; it just means we tell you the truth, honestly evaluate your case, do everything in our power to help you win. Here, you're a name and a face instead of a case number.

If you need expert workers comp help ASAP, click the contact button below right now so our staff can provide a completely free case evaluation. We'll meet in person at our comfortable, relaxing office, discuss your accident, answer each and every one of your questions and, if you qualify, begin filing your case.

Your window of opportunity to seek workers compensation benefits shrinks every day. It's been said that if growing a tree takes 50 years, the best time to plant it is today. A workers comp case can take 7 months to reach a judge, and another year to get resolved.

Let's get to work.

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Award-Winning, Workers Comp Only

No One Handles Utah Workers Compensation Cases Better than Davis & Sanchez

Utah Workers Compensation victim

Over 20 Years of Workers Compensation Experience

With 20 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Davis & Sanchez belong to one of Utah's most knowledgeable law firms specializing in workers compensation.

Their lawyers have represented hundreds of injured workers like you over the years, meaning they've seen just about every trick in the book, every type of injury, almost any accident you could imagine, and solved countless problems for their clients along the way.

In law, experience is peace of mind. Davis & Sanchez offers you the peace of mind that your case is in the best hands in the business.

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Laser Focus: ONLY Workers Comp Cases

Davis & Sanchez only practices workers comp law and only takes on workers comp cases. That's how it's always been, and how it always will be.

Most lawyers who take on workers comp cases spread themselves thin—they're often working with differing laws spanning a huge variety of cases, and sometimes they get workers comp law confused along the way. That's how mistakes happen, and even small mistakes can cost you big.

By specializing in JUST workers comp, Davis & Sanchez knows the law inside and out. All of their partners are workers comp specialists through and through, which means your case gets the full attention it deserves. No distractions.

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Results You Can Count On: Fair Settlements

Fair is fair. Our goal is 100% compensation for all of our clients' injuries, medical expenses and time lost at work. There's no shame in getting what you're owed.

Because they don't usually waste time arguing back and forth with adjusters and instead file a lawsuit immediately, Davis & Sanchez consistently settles more than 80% of their cases AND gets their clients fair settlements, to boot.

Abe Lincoln said that an attorney who spends all his time in court isn't a very good attorney. But if the insurance company refuses to make a fair settlement, Davis & Sanchez will fight tooth and nail to win your case in court.

See Case Results

Cezar G.

Road Construction Equipment Operator

utah workers compensation lawyer
The last thing my family wanted after my accident was needing to pay for my treatment. I thought I would be covered by workers comp, but I was wrong. Thankfully we found Davis & Sanchez who took control of my case and right away I could tell the insurance company was getting nervous.

Lindsay C.

Juvenile Detention Counselor

workers compensation attorneys utah
I didn't want a handout for my injury. I just wanted to be treated fairly. Davis & Sanchez gave me the voice I needed for insurance to take me seriously. My life has changed forever, but at least now I have the peace of mind that my medical bills are taken care of. Thank you so much!

Micah E.

Sales Manager

workers comp attorney utah
My accident was traumatic for both myself and my family. Besides the pain of my injuries, we were faced with mountains of medical expenses that we just couldn't afford. Davis & Sanchez helped me when I felt like the whole world was against me, and I'll never forget that.

Your Questions Answered

Workers compensation cases can be complicated... We're here to make it easy.

Do I really need to hire a workers compensation lawyer?

No one is required to hire a workers compensation lawyer. But to be frank, your only other option—representing yourself—can be so confusing and frustrating that it's usually not worth it.

Workers comp law is tricky and complicated. An elite workers comp lawyer knows all the loopholes, knows the games insurance companies like to play, and knows the best ways to get every dime you deserve in a settlement or in court.

With that said, we will NEVER tell someone they need an attorney if they don't actually need one, as determined in our case evaluation.

How much does a workers compensation lawyer cost?

Our fees in Utah start at 33% of benefits awarded to you. Our fees in Idaho are regulated by the Idaho Industrial Commission. Except for a small, up-front fee for case expenses (such as postage, copies, mileage, etc.) you pay no attorney's fee if no money is recovered in your case.

What locations do you serve?

We currently serve the great people of Utah and Idaho.

Will I have to go to court?

Between 80 and 90% of our cases are resolved outside of court (settlements). Although a small portion do go to court, a vast majority of our clients never have to set foot in the courtroom.

I have a criminal record. Will that affect my case?

Your criminal record should have no bearing on whether you're entitled to workers compensation benefits, unless your criminal record involved fraud (insurance or otherwise).

Davis & Sanchez has successfully represented many clients with prior criminal records, and will continue to fight for justice for all, no matter what.

Do You Have a Winning Workers Compensation Case?

Not sure if you actually have a case? No problem. Download our free PDF and find out if you have a solid workers comp case. The PDF is 100% free and will be immediately sent to your email inbox.

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Be Wary of ‘Independent’ Medical Evaluations

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Learn why you need to see your own doctor, or a professional you can trust. Your doctor is the first and best line of defense you have when seeking workman’s comp insurance, not an 'independent' medical evaluation.

Free Case Evaluation

If you've been hurt at work, don't hesitate. Get a FREE case evaluation from one of our award-winning attorneys.

Here's what you're going to get:

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  • Learn about workers compensation law and find out if you have a case
  • Get the objective information you need to determine if hiring an attorney is right for you
Utah Workers Compensation testimonial
"Davis & Sanchez has been sincere, respectful, patient and up front about the case and our situation from the beginning. Above all, they answered all my questions thoroughly and in a way I could understand. Davis & Sanchez has been the most pleasurable attorneys we've ever worked with."

Tina M.

Actual Client

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