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Workers Compensation lawyers Salt Lake City Utah
Salt Lake City Utah Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation attorneys Salt Lake City Utah
Workers Compensation Salt Lake City Utah

Utah's Top Workers Compensation Law Firm

Hurt at Work? We can Help!

Did you know that the average Utah injury victim gets less money than they deserve? The legal system and insurance companies are designed to take advantage of people who don’t hire an ace law firm—one who is ready to fight for you and your case, and help you win every cent you deserve. One like Davis & Sanchez.

Insurance companies have one job—paying you as little as possible.

It’s easy to believe that insurance companies exist to pay victims their fair share in an accident, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that the insurance business is all about maximizing profit at your expense.

When you’re hurt at work in Utah, these claims adjusters automatically go into damage control mode—how can they pay you as little as possible to make your case go away? To stand a fighting chance, you need a workers comp firm who ticks all the boxes:

  • Pay nothing unless you win
  • Track record of winning maximum verdicts and settlements
  • Crystal clear client communication
  • Attorneys who personally handle cases (not just legal assistants)
  • Want to win as much as you do (no settlements unless they’re FAIR)

We have your back.

With years of experience settling and winning workers comp cases across Utah (for maximum payouts), the attorneys at Davis & Sanchez are true professionals who won’t rest until you’ve gotten the compensation you deserve.

Our clients can expect lightning-fast, transparent communication and rapid results as we work to build your case. You can also expect your case to be handled personally by one of our elite attorneys—NOT just handed off to a paralegal or a caseworker.

Hiring an ace attorney is your best line of defense against a legal system that is designed to confuse the unprepared. Get in touch with us right now, and let’s take the first step towards securing your future with a payout you truly deserve.

Top Utah Workers Compensation Law Firm

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Lucho M.

Work Accident

utah workers comp law firm

I went to their office because of I had a work accident and they reviewed my case and helped me to fight it. At the end I won the case thanks to their suggestions.

utah workers comp law firm

Jane T.

Work Accident

utah workers comp attorney

I was lucky to find Davis & Sanchez! I didn't need to hire an attorney at all--Mark gave me the confidence and information I needed to handle the claim myself.

utah workers comp law firm

Ray D.

Work Accident

utah workers comp lawyers

Highly recommended, great professional help! They make sure to keep you in the loop with everything as well as doing everything to make a case fair.

utah workers comp law firm

Workers Compensation law is all we do!

Why Choose Us?

Employers and their insurance companies spend millions every year to stop hurt workers from getting the payouts they deserve. Are they beatable? You bet—but you want an elite attorney for your best shot at victory. Here are a few reasons why our clients sleep better at night...

#1 Rated Attorneys

Access to an Elite Attorney

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience working with Utah’s workers comp system—and the results to prove it.

Workers Comp ONLY

Our team specializes in workers comp and workers comp ONLY. We know what it takes to win cases and negotiate settlements, period.

Pay Nothing Unless You Win

Free consultations. Pay nothing unless you win. We operate on contingency fees because that’s more fair for our clients.

Honesty & Transparency

You deserve to know what’s going on with your case. We hold ourselves accountable and always keep you up to date.

Fastest results possible

The faster we move, the faster you get results. We have a track record of building winning cases fast.

Personalized Attorney Attention

Clients love our firm because we’re always in your corner. We want to see your case succeed just as much as you do.

Davis Sanchez Workers Compensation Lawd Firm Utah

Really impressed with Jacob at Davis & Sanchez. He has been so helpful and always on top of answering all of my questions. Honest, compassionate, what more is there to say?

— Allen D.

Davis & Sanchez Consistently Win Workers Comp Cases

Recent Case Results

Don’t allow your injury to beat you. Have a look at some of the genuine cases we’ve built for people like you, and realize how big a difference hiring a top workers comp attorney makes. We’re with you all the way.

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top Utah Workers Compenstation lawyers

"Highly recommend and great professional help! They make sure to keep you in the loop with everything as well as doing everything to make a case fair."

— Ray D.

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More Information

Utah workers comp FAQ

What kind of cases do you handle as a workers compensation attorney Utah?

The lawyers at Davis & Sanchez specialize in workers compensation law. In fact, workers comp is all we do. Because workers compensation law is vastly different than other fields of law, you’ll feel more confident working with a specialist like our firm.

Which locations do you serve as a Utah workers compensation lawyer?

If you’ve been hurt at work in Utah or Idaho, we want to talk. With offices in both Salt Lake City and Boise, we’ve been helping hurt workers in both states achieve fair settlements and maximum payouts for years.

How much do workers compensation attorneys Utah cost?

Lawyers may charge different rates depending on the type of case and their location, but one other important factor is whether your attorney charges based on contingency. With our firm, you pay nothing unless you win.

Do I really need to hire a workers comp attorney Utah?

You are not legally required to hire a lawyer for workers compensation Utah cases, but there’s a good reason why most people do—representing your own case has a much higher risk of getting an unfair payout (or getting no payout at all).

I’m looking for workers comp attorneys Utah, but do I have a case?

If you were hurt at work, you may have a workers comp Utah case. Outside of that, it’s tough to say just how strong your case is unless you meet with an experienced attorney. Schedule your free consultation today and let’s get started.

What if I was hurt outside of work? Do I still need workers compensation lawyers Utah?

There are certain situations where an injury that takes place outside of the workplace can be considered work-related. Consult with a workmans comp Utah attorney to figure out whether or not your case may be eligible for workers compensation benefits.

More Utah workers comp info...

Workplace injuries in Utah can have a profound impact on your life and livelihood. A single incident at work can result in serious injuries, leaving you unable to perform your job and facing mounting medical bills. If you’ve been injured on the job, you deserve compensation, and it’s crucial to have the best legal representation to ensure you receive it.

There are countless ways a workplace injury can occur: slip and falls, equipment malfunctions, exposure to hazardous substances, repetitive motion injuries, or accidents involving heavy machinery. Despite safety protocols and protective gear, workplace accidents are an unfortunate reality. Injuries sustained on the job can vary greatly in severity, including:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Cuts, lacerations, and punctures
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Burns and electrocutions
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Occupational illnesses
  • Hearing loss
  • Stress and psychological trauma

When a workplace injury occurs, it's the employer's responsibility to provide compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. However, workers' compensation claims can be complicated, with employers or insurance companies sometimes disputing the severity of your injuries or the circumstances of the accident.

Having experienced legal assistance can make all the difference in navigating the complexities of workers' compensation claims and ensuring that you receive the full benefits to which you are entitled. Don't face this challenging time alone; seek the expert help you need to secure your rights and recover from your workplace injury.

For those who need help, Davis & Sanchez are standing by. We’ll investigate your injury, build your case, and fight hard for the Utah workers compensation you deserve.

Not sure if you have a case, or if you need a lawyer? Contact us now for a free evaluation. You have nothing to lose.

Utah workers comp FAQ

How long will my case take with the right Utah workers compensation attorney?

That depends. The total time it takes between hiring an attorney can receiving your workers comp benefits will vary from case to case. Cases that involve higher dollar amounts and more complex cases tend to take longer.

Will I have to go to court, or does that depend on my workmans comp lawyer?

The vast majority of Utah workers comp cases don’t ever go to court. Courtroom battles are costly for insurance companies, and they’d usually rather negotiate than fight an experienced attorney. With that said, there’s always a small chance that your case will go to court.

Do I have to pay if I don’t win?

No. Part of our commitment to client care means working on contingency fees. That means you won’t pay us a cent until you’ve won your case, and not a moment sooner. You have enough to stress over without thinking about legal fees.

How long do I have to file a case?

Utah workers compensation law states that the statute of limitations for workers compensation cases is one year from the date of your injury. The sooner you file your case, the better—it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to get any sort of compensation if you miss your deadline.

How much is my case worth based on Utah workers compensation laws?

That’s hard to say without knowing all of the details about your injury, your medical history, etc. For example, you may receive different payouts if you are partially or totally disabled, temporarily or permanently disabled, and so on.

What if I don’t feel hurt? Should I still contact a workers comp lawyer?

We cannot stress this enough—see a physician, and then contact workers comp lawyers. Even if you don’t feel hurt immediately, you may be in pain in a few days or even a few weeks. The sooner you see your doctor, the better evidence you have for a future workers comp claim.

If your workers’ comp claim is denied, follow these steps:

Review denial reasons: Understand why your claim was denied.

  • File an appeal: Submit an Application for Hearing to the Utah Labor Commission.
  • Collect more evidence: Gather medical records, witness statements, etc., to strengthen your case.
  • Seek legal advice: Consult a workers’ comp attorney for guidance through the appeals process.
  • Attend hearings: Be present and testify to support your claim.
  • Act swiftly to meet appeal deadlines. Consult a lawyer for any concerns.

Do you have a case?

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