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Hurt at work? We are the workers comp only law firm with award-winning attorneys. Find out if you have a case and get the settlement you deserve.

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Meet Davis & Sanchez

Award-Winning Workers Compensation Lawyers — Serving Utah and Idaho

Hi I'm Hal.

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Hal Davis, JD


When you get injured at work and need financial help for your recovery, insurance should pay. Sadly, that's not always how it works.

Well, I get sick of seeing good, honest people being taken advantage of.

Way back in 2004, I started devoting my career to workers comp law—helping people like you who were denied, ignored, and shoved aside during the confusing workers comp process.

My partners and I live and breathe workers compensation. We only take workers comp cases and only see workers comp clients. That means we have a lot of experience under our belts, experience that lets us win more—and more often—for our clients.

Along with my staff, I'm a big believer in “honest law.” All that means is, we treat you like a person—with careful case evaluations, and by telling you the truth. We're just here to make your life better.

And what about you, then? Are you here because you or a family member were hurt on the job, and fighting with the insurance company about compensation?

If so, please get in touch ASAP. Every day that goes by, your chances of winning compensation go down—so hit the contact button below, and let us schedule a free case evaluation.

There, we'll go over all the details of your case and find out the best path forward. It's time to take action, and we're ready when you are.

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Award-Winning, Workers Comp Only

No One Handles Idaho Workers Compensation Cases Better than Davis & Sanchez

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20+ Years of Workers Comp Experience

The lawyers of Davis & Sanchez have helped hundreds of frustrated people just like you over the years, making them one of Idaho's most experienced workers comp law firms.

That means they've helped clients with a wide array of injuries and accident circumstances, overcoming countless problems and improving hundreds of lives along the way.

Experience is the best guarantee you can find in a lawyer. The Davis & Sanchez guarantee is peace of mind that your case is in steady, caring hands.

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Workers Comp, and Nothing Else

Attorneys who practice more than one area of law risk making mistakes. When a person's livelihood and life are on the line, you can't afford to make mistakes.

Davis & Sanchez ONLY take employees hurt at work, and only practice workers comp law. It's the only way to provide the best possible service to their clients, period.

Davis & Sanchez know workers comp law to a T. As a team of dedicated specialists, they're fully prepared to give your case the care and attention you expect. No distractions, no disappointments.

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Fair Settlements: You Can Count On It

Insurance companies hate dealing with Davis & Sanchez, because they have a reputation for getting fair settlements for the people of Idaho.

There's no wasted time, no unnecessary delays—if you have a case, Davis & Sanchez file a lawsuit now instead of waiting for slow adjusters or trying to cut a deal that isn't right for you, meaning over 80% of their cases are settled without involving a court appearance.

But if insurance won't budge, there's still no reason to worry. Davis & Sanchez have a proven track record of winning cases in court, too. If you're not being treated fair, you can bet Davis & Sanchez will stick with you until the end.

See Case Results

Cezar G.

Road Construction Equipment Operator

workers comp attorney boise idaho
I hurt my foot real bad at work, and of course workers comp said they weren't helping me. Davis & Sanchez didn't like that one bit and they got a big settlement way faster than I expected. I was able to get healthy without worrying about money, which is all I ever wanted to begin with. You guys are incredible.

Lindsay C.

Juvenile Detention Counselor

workers compensation attorney in Idaho
Life after the accident was a whirlwind. One day I'm fine, the next I'm leaving the hospital with a mountain of debt I have no way to pay. Davis & Sanchez were so thorough learning about my accident and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I deserved compensation. We won in court, and my life is looking 100% better now.

Micah E.

Sales Manager

workers compensation lawyer Idaho
I suffered a pretty major injury at work, and fully expected to receive some type of long-term disability benefits to help me out. I was wrong. Davis & Sanchez were recommended by my sister, and right away I fell in love with them. So kind to me, but so tough in court. What more can you say? They helped me start a new chapter.

Your Questions Answered

Workers compensation cases can be complicated... We're here to make it easy.

Do I really need to hire a workers compensation lawyer?

No, you're able to represent yourself in a workers comp case.

However, the process is made complicated and tiring on purpose—insurers bet on workers giving up before they see a penny, and they're very good at wearing people down.

A great attorney fights these battles for you, so you can keep your sanity (and your money). However, you might not need an attorney! We'll always be honest and up-front with you—if you don't need a lawyer, we'll tell you.

How much does a workers compensation lawyer cost?

Our fees in Utah start at 33% of benefits awarded to you. Our fees in Idaho are regulated by the Idaho Industrial Commission. Except for a small, up-front fee for case expenses (such as postage, copies, mileage, etc.) you pay no attorney's fee if no money is recovered in your case.

How soon will I get my money?

That depends on how quickly your case is settled. Most of our cases are heard by a judge roughly 7 months after filing. While a majority of our cases are settled a month or two before that hearing date, some eventually do go to court—usually another year after the judge's hearing.

What locations do you serve?

Currently, we help represent the great people of Idaho and Utah.

Will I have to go to court?

Between 80 and 90% of our cases are resolved outside of court (settlements). Although a small portion do go to court, a vast majority of our clients never have to set foot in the courtroom.

I have a criminal record. Will that affect my case?

A past criminal history shouldn't affect your workers comp claim unless that history includes fraud or insurance fraud.

In the past, we've stood up for many clients with a criminal record, and we will continue to seek justice for those clients in the future.

Do You Have a Winning Workers Compensation Case?

Not sure if you actually have a case? No problem. Download our free PDF and find out if you have a solid workers comp case. The PDF is 100% free and will be immediately sent to your email inbox.

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Educate Yourself

Learn More About Idaho Workers Compensation Law

Can I Represent My Own Workman’s Comp Case?

workers comp attorney in idaho

Are you curious whether you even need an attorney at all to represent your case? The fact is, you may be able to successfully represent yourself without needing a workman’s comp lawyer. Many people take this route every year—but there is a catch.

How do I Know if My Injury is Work-Related?

workers comp attorney based in idaho

Whether your injury or illness happened at work forms the basis of your workers compensation claim. Every day, people are shocked to find out that—according to their employer—their injury doesn’t count as ‘work-related.’

Be Wary of ‘Independent’ Medical Evaluations

idaho workers comp attorney

Learn why you need to see your own doctor, or a professional you can trust. Your doctor is the first and best line of defense you have when seeking workman’s comp insurance, not an 'independent' medical evaluation.

Free Case Evaluation

If you've been hurt at work, don't hesitate. Get a FREE case evaluation from one of our award-winning attorneys.

Here's what you're going to get:

  • Spend over 30 minutes of one-on-one time with one of our attorneys
  • Learn about workers compensation law and find out if you have a case
  • Get the objective information you need to determine if hiring an attorney is right for you
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"Davis & Sanchez has been sincere, respectful, patient and up front about the case and our situation from the beginning. Above all, they answered all my questions thoroughly and in a way I could understand. Davis & Sanchez has been the most pleasurable attorneys we've ever worked with."

Tina M.

Actual Client

utah workers compensation attorney

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