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Workers Compensation lawyers Idaho Work Injury Work Injury
Idaho Work Injury Work Injury Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation attorneys Idaho Work Injury Work Injury
Workers Compensation Idaho Work Injury Work Injury

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Hurt at Work? We can Help!

Were you aware that the average injury victim in Idaho ends up with less money than they truly deserve? Insurance companies and the legal system are set up to take advantage of those who don’t hire a top law firm - the kind who are ready to battle on your behalf, winning the payout you need. A firm like Davis & Sanchez.

Insurance companies have one main priority - paying you a little as they can get away with.

In an ideal world, insurance companies' reason for existing would be to pay injury victims fair compensation. But that’s far from the reality. In fact, the insurance business is designed to maximize their profit at your expense.

If you’re hurt at work in Idaho, claims adjusters are immediately looking to minimize the payout - what’s the smallest amount they can pay you to make your case disappear? To have a chance of getting justice, you need a workers comp firm with all the right attributes:

  • No fees unless you win
  • Proven experience of winning maximum verdicts and settlements
  • Totally transparent client communication
  • Cases handled personally by attorneys (not just legal assistants)
  • Motivated to win as much as you are (no settlements unless they’re 100% FAIR)

We’re in your corner.

With many years’ experience winning and settling workers comp cases all across the state of Idaho (for maximum payouts), all of the attorneys at Davis & Sanchez are legal experts dedicated to fighting for the compensation you deserve.

You can expect speedy, clear-cut communication and fast results as we work hard to put together your case. We can also guarantee that your case will be handled by one of our ace attorneys - and NEVER passed down to a caseworker or paralegal.

Hiring a word-class lawyer is the best way to navigate a legal system that is confusing and unsympathetic. Contact us today, and together we can start to work towards safeguarding your future with the payout you truly need.

Idaho Work Injury Workers Compensation Law Firm

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Lucho M.

Work Accident

utah workers comp law firm

I went to their office because of I had a work accident and they reviewed my case and helped me to fight it. At the end I won the case thanks to their suggestions.

utah workers comp law firm

Jane T.

Work Accident

utah workers comp attorney

I was lucky to find Davis & Sanchez! I didn't need to hire an attorney at all--Mark gave me the confidence and information I needed to handle the claim myself.

utah workers comp law firm

Ray D.

Work Accident

utah workers comp lawyers

Highly recommended, great professional help! They make sure to keep you in the loop with everything as well as doing everything to make a case fair.

utah workers comp law firm

Workers Compensation law is all we do!

Why Choose Us?

Employers and insurance companies are willing to spend MILLIONS each year to prevent hurt workers like you from getting the compensation they deserve. Can they be defeated? Of course - but your best shot at victory is to hire an elite attorney. Here are some key reasons why our clients have faith in us...

#1 Rated Attorneys

Access to an Elite Attorney

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience working with Idaho Work Injury’s workers comp system—and the results to prove it.

Workers Comp ONLY

Our team specializes in workers comp and workers comp ONLY. We know what it takes to win cases and negotiate settlements, period.

Pay Nothing Unless You Win

Free consultations. Pay nothing unless you win. We operate on contingency fees because that’s more fair for our clients.

Honesty & Transparency

You deserve to know what’s going on with your case. We hold ourselves accountable and always keep you up to date.

Fastest results possible

The faster we move, the faster you get results. We have a track record of building winning cases fast.

Personalized Attorney Attention

Clients love our firm because we’re always in your corner. We want to see your case succeed just as much as you do.

Davis Sanchez Workers Compensation Lawd Firm Utah

Really impressed with Jacob at Davis & Sanchez. He has been so helpful and always on top of answering all of my questions. Honest, compassionate, what more is there to say?

— Allen D.

Davis & Sanchez Consistently Win

Recent Case Results

Don’t allow your injury to beat you. Have a look at some of the genuine cases we’ve built for people like you, and realize how big a difference hiring a top workers comp attorney makes. We’re with you all the way.

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"Highly recommend and great professional help! They make sure to keep you in the loop with everything as well as doing everything to make a case fair."

— Ray D.

Legal Questions? Talk to an attorney

More Information

What kind of cases do you take on?

At Davis & Sanchez, our legal team specialize in workers comp cases. As a matter of fact, workers compensation law is ALL we do. Workers comp cases are very different from other types of personal injury cases, so working with a firm like ours will give you extra confidence that you’ll get the outcome you need if you’ve been hurt at work Idaho.

Which areas and locations do you serve?

If you’ve been hurt while at work in the state of Idaho or in the state of Utah, we can help. We have offices in both Boise and Salt Lake City, and we've been getting maximum payouts and fair settlements for hurt workers in both states for many years.

How much do workers compensation attorneys usually cost?

Law firms can charge you different rates depending on their location and the type of case you need help with. Another thing to consider is whether your work injury lawyer Idaho charges based on contingency. When you hire our firm, you’ll pay NOTHING until your case is won.

Do I actually need to hire a workers comp attorney??

There is no law compelling you to hire a lawyer for a workers compensation case in Idaho. However, there’s a very good reason why most people do - if you self-represent, you could very well end up with a smaller payout, or no payout at all.

Do I have a case worth pursuing?

If you were hurt while you were at work, then yes, you could have a case. However, in order to find out how strong your case is it’s important you contact an experienced attorney. Book a free consultation today and let’s get things moving.

What if I was hurt outside of my workplace? Do I still have a case?

In some scenarios, an injury that happens outside of the workplace can still be considered work-related. You’ll need to consult with work related injury attorneys Nampa Idaho to find out whether your case could be eligible for workers compensation.

How long is my case likely to take with the right Idaho workers compensation attorney?

It’s difficult to say. From hiring an attorney to receiving your workers comp benefits, the total time will vary from case to case. If you have a complex case and you’re seeking a big settlement, it may take longer.

Do I have to go to court, or does that depend on my lawyer?

Most workers comp cases never end up in court. Courtroom battles can be very expensive for insurance companies, and they’ll usually choose to negotiate instead of taking on a seasoned attorney. Having said that, there is still a chance your case could end up in court.

Do I still have to pay legal fees if I don’t win?

No, you won’t. We take all our cases on a contingency basis. That means you won’t own us a single cent until after your case has been won. You’ve got enough to worry about without the additional stress of legal fees.

How long do I have to file my workers comp case?

Workers compensation law in Idaho says the statute of limitations for workers compensation cases is just one year from the date your injury happened. That means you should get hold of a hurt at work Idaho form and file your case as quickly as you can - if you miss the deadline, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get ANY compensation.

How much is my case going to be worth based on Idaho workers compensation laws?

The exact Idaho injury compensation amounts work related are difficult to estimate without taking into account the details of your injury, your medical history, and other relevant factors. So for example, you might end up with a different payout if you’re partially or totally disabled, permanently or temporarily disabled, etc.

What if I don’t feel like I’m hurt? Should I still contact a workers comp lawyer?

After an accident at work, you should ALWAYS see a physician, then immediately contact a work injury attorney Idaho. You might not feel hurt straight away - but you might have sustained an injury that takes days or even weeks to show itself. See a doctor - they can give you the evidence you need for a workers comp claim.

Do you have a case?

The longer you wait, the lower the chance you have of getting compensation. Contact us NOW for a free case evaluation.

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