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Workers Compensation lawyers Ogden Utah
Ogden Utah Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation attorneys Ogden Utah
Workers Compensation Ogden Utah

Ogden Utah's Top Workers Compensation Law Firm

Hurt at Work? We can Help!

Are you aware that most Utah injury victims end up with less compensation than they deserve? The legal system and insurance business can seem like they’re designed to exploit people who don’t hire a world-class law firm - the sort who is ready to dedicate themselves to your case, helping you get the payout you deserve. A firm like Davis & Sanchez.

Insurance companies have one overriding ambition - to pay you as little as possible.

It would be nice if insurance companies existed to pay injury victims fair compensation after an accident, but the truth is much harsher. Unfortunately, the main concern of insurance companies is to maximize their profits - by paying you less.

If you’re hurt at work in Utah, claims adjusters go straight to work - figuring out the lowest sum they can pay you in order to make your case go away. To be in with a chance of getting a FAIR settlement, you need a workers comp firm with these qualities:

  • No fees unless you win
  • Track record of winning maximum verdicts and payouts
  • Entirely transparent client communication
  • Attorneys who handle cases personally (no legal assistants or caseworkers)
  • Committed to winning as much as you are (no unfair settlements)

We’ll fight for you.

With many years of experience winning cases and getting maximum payouts for hurt workers from across Utah, the lawyers at Davis & Sanchez are top legal pros who will fight hard for the compensation you need.

Our clients will get lightning-fast, crystal-clear communication and swift results when we work on your case. You’ve also got our promise that your case will be personally handled by one of our seasoned attorneys, not by a paralegal or caseworker.

Working with a top attorney is the best way to take on a legal system that can often trip up the unprepared. Reach out to us right now, and we can take a step towards securing your future with a well deserved payout.

Ogden Utah Workers Compensation Law Firm

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Lucho M.

Work Accident

utah workers comp law firm

I went to their office because of I had a work accident and they reviewed my case and helped me to fight it. At the end I won the case thanks to their suggestions.

utah workers comp law firm

Jane T.

Work Accident

utah workers comp attorney

I was lucky to find Davis & Sanchez! I didn't need to hire an attorney at all--Mark gave me the confidence and information I needed to handle the claim myself.

utah workers comp law firm

Ray D.

Work Accident

utah workers comp lawyers

Highly recommended, great professional help! They make sure to keep you in the loop with everything as well as doing everything to make a case fair.

utah workers comp law firm

Workers Compensation law is all we do!

Why Choose Us?

Employers and insurance companies go all out to stop hurt workers getting the compensation they need, spending millions of dollars to do so. Can they be beaten? They can - but you’ll need an elite attorney to be in with a chance.

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Access to an Elite Attorney

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience working with Ogden Utah’s workers comp system—and the results to prove it.

Workers Comp ONLY

Our team specializes in workers comp and workers comp ONLY. We know what it takes to win cases and negotiate settlements, period.

Pay Nothing Unless You Win

Free consultations. Pay nothing unless you win. We operate on contingency fees because that’s more fair for our clients.

Honesty & Transparency

You deserve to know what’s going on with your case. We hold ourselves accountable and always keep you up to date.

Fastest results possible

The faster we move, the faster you get results. We have a track record of building winning cases fast.

Personalized Attorney Attention

Clients love our firm because we’re always in your corner. We want to see your case succeed just as much as you do.

Davis Sanchez Workers Compensation Lawd Firm Utah

Really impressed with Jacob at Davis & Sanchez. He has been so helpful and always on top of answering all of my questions. Honest, compassionate, what more is there to say?

— Allen D.

Davis & Sanchez Consistently Win

Recent Case Results

Don’t let your injury claim victory. Come look at a selection of the real cases we’ve won for people who were hurt at work - just like you. You’ll soon see the difference hiring a great attorney can make - and we can do the same for you.

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"Highly recommend and great professional help! They make sure to keep you in the loop with everything as well as doing everything to make a case fair."

— Ray D.

Legal Questions? Talk to an attorney

More Information

What kind of cases does your firm handle?

The attorneys at Davis & Sanchez focus on workers comp cases. As a matter of fact, we entirely specialize in workers compensation law. Worker comp is a lot different from other types of law, so working with a specialist firm like ours is a wise choice.

Which locations does your firm work in?

If you’ve been hurt at work in Idaho and Utah, we can give you the help you need. We have offices in Boise and Salt Lake City, and we have vast experience of helping hurt workers in both states take on the insurance industry - and win.

How much will it cost me to hire a Ogden UT Workers Comp attorney for my case?

The rate your workers comp attorney Ogden Utah charges will depend on the detail of your case and their location, but you should also consider whether they work on contingency. When you pick our firm, you pay nothing at all until you win.

Is it really necessary for me to hire an Ogden UT workers comp attorney?

There is no legal requirement for you to hire a lawyer for your workers compensation case, but most people do - and with good reason. If you self-represent, you are far more likely to end up with an unfair payout (or with no payout at all).

I’ve been hurt at work - does that mean I have a case?

If you were hurt in a workplace accident, you could well have a workers comp case. To be sure, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with a professional lawyer. Get in touch with us today and we can get started.

What if I was hurt outside of work? Do I still possibly have a case?

In some circumstances, an injury that occurs outside the workplace can still be classified as being work-related. Book a free consultation with one of our attorneys, and they can help you figure out if you have a viable workers comp case.

How long is my case going to take?

That really depends. The total time that elapses from hiring your Ogden workers comp attorney to being awarded your workers comp benefit can vary from case to case. Cases that involve bug payouts and complex injuries will take longer.

Will I have to go to court, or does that depend?

In Utah, most workers comp cases don’t end up in court. Insurance companies don’t like costly courtroom battles against experienced attorneys, and would usually rather negotiate. If your case does end up in court, we’ll be with you all the way.

Do I have to pay anything if I don’t win?

No, you don’t. We’re committed to client care, so we work on a contingency basis. That means that until your case is won, you won’t pay us a single cent. You’ve got a lot going on at the moment, so we don’t want you to have to worry about paying legal fees.

How long do I have to file my Ogden UT workers comp case?

The statute of limitations in Utah gives you only one year to file your workers compensation case, starting from the date of your accident. That means you need to act quickly - if you miss the deadline, you're highly unlikely to get any kind of compensation.

How much is my case worth based on Utah’s workers compensation laws?

It’s difficult to say without having all the details of your injury, your medical history, and so on. You could end up with different payouts depending on how seriously you were injured, whether you were partially or totally disabled, etc.

What if I don’t feel like I’m hurt? Should I still contact a workers comp lawyer?

Yes, for sure—see a physician, and then get in touch with a Ogden workers' comp attorney. Even if you don’t feel hurt immediately, you could still be injured. The sooner you see your doctor, the better evidence you have for any future workers comp claim you pursue.

Do you have a case?

The longer you wait, the lower the chance you have of getting compensation. Contact us NOW for a free case evaluation.

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