Workers Comp Lawyer Won’t Return Your Calls? Do This First.

If the attorney you hired suddenly becomes unresponsive to your calls or emails or whatever form of communication you tried to establish, it’s time to hire a different one. But before you pull the trigger to your lawyer-client relationship, you must make sure that you have exhausted all means necessary to save the said relationship. […]

Here’s Why Your Termination on Workers Comp Leave Could Be Illegal

It’s unfortunate to be in an accident. It’s more unfortunate to sustain serious injuries that disable a person to perform duties at work. However, what’s most unfortunate is when that same person has no more work to go back to after the workers compensation. That new reality might be crushing to the economic status of […]

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes in Your Workers Comp Deposition

When it comes to workers compensation cases, a person who may have suffered work-related injuries or illnesses may have experienced being deposed before a trial even started to commence. In a deposition, a recorded interview is conducted with the witness on various questions about the case and under oath. Many depositions are usually done in […]

My Workers Comp Injury Got Worse. Now What?

For the most part, workers compensation settlement is a comprehensive contract between the employer and the employee. Different steps are done depending upon the terms and conditions stated therein to settle the claims of the parties. However, there may be situations where your injury has gotten worse despite undergoing treatments. The predicament may then cause […]

Is It Time to Fire Your Workers Comp Attorney?

If you’re not happy with the actions or performance of your workers compensation lawyer, know that you’re always able to switch—even right in the middle of your case. But before you end your lawyer-client relationship, consider the potential consequences and how it could affect your case. What to consider before looking for another workers comp […]

You Could Represent Your Own Workers Comp Case, But Should You?

If you’ve been hurt at work, you’re probably wondering if you really need to hire a workers comp attorney—or if you can just represent your own case. The answer to that question depends on different factors, like the complexity and severity of your injury and the actions of your employer and their insurance company. Here’s […]

Do This Right Now to Get A Fair Payout on Your Workers Comp Claim

If you have ever sustained an injury or caught an illness because of your work, then you are legally entitled to avail of the Workers Compensation Benefit. It provides injured workers with extra financial aid to help cover any medical expenses or lost wages. Upon the establishment that the condition was ultimately work-related, the employers […]

Know Your Right Against Dismissal During a Workers Compensation Leave

The Utah Labor Commission provides employees certain benefits when they acquire an injury or illness that is work-related. One of these is the right to take paid leave to recover from the injury. Also known as Workers Compensation Leave, these benefits have, however, provided certain instances where the employers would dismiss the employee availing of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Winning Black Lung Cases

The workers compensation is a state-based financial support system where the government provides adequate income, medical care, benefits, and protection to workers in the course of their employment. Much like an insurance program, the workers compensation can be availed of by employees, especially when they get ill or injured during their work. Under this system, one […]

Fight Your Workers Comp Claim Denial with These Tips

Every state in America requires the protection of workers from incurring debts due to injuries and illnesses contracted in the course of their employment. This protection is the reason for the existence of various workers compensation laws. However, while the law seeks to provide benefits to sick and injured employees, it also mandates strict compliance with […]