Wrist Injuries

Did you get a wrist injury at work?

Wrist injuries that happen at work are common, and even small slips and falls can cause big problems. Simple, repetitive activities like typing, carpentry or assembly line work can also lead to carpal tunnel, another very common type of wrist injury.

But whether your injury was caused by routine activity or an accident, you might be entitled to workman's comp insurance to help with your recovery.

Sometimes—whether you're entitled or not—the insurance company refuses to pay, and that's where the real trouble starts.

Instead of taking the time you need to rest and get back to work, now you're left with the bill for injuries that aren't even your fault. And that's not OK with us.

If your wrist injury isn't be treated seriously or fairly, we want to talk. At Davis & Sanchez we've helped hundreds of injured workers like you win the compensation they deserve and enjoy the recovery they need.

Give us a call right now, and let's get started.


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