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James Dodges Bankruptcy with Million-Dollar Payout, Year of Lost Wages and More

Another Davis Sanchez Workers Compensation Victory

James Dodges Bankruptcy with Million-Dollar Payout, Year of Lost Wages and More

The Situation
James suffered a broken ankle after falling off a ladder at work. To make matters worse, James was a hemophiliac—what may have been a mundane hospital visit for some would turn into several weeks of therapy and rehabilitation.

After “recovering” and flying to Guatemala to visit family, James’ life was turned upside down after recurring issues from his ankle injury would turn into a 3-month coma, months out of work, medevac to the US, and more.

How We Helped
Although James carried health insurance, he was facing an additional $600,000 bill due to exceeding his coverage. His workers compensation carrier denied that James’ problems were triggered by his ankle injury, but we disagreed.

We filed a complaint with the Utah Labor Commission, which the workers comp carrier viewed as a losing battle.

The Result
Over a million dollars in healthcare insurance reimbursement, nearly $100k in medical bills reimbursed, and over a year in lost wages for James.


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