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3 Core Values of a Great Utah Workers Comp Attorney

3 Core Values of a Great Utah Workers Comp Attorney

Looking for an experienced workers comp lawyer in Utah? The hallmarks of a successful attorney are easy enough to spot, and will guide you in your search to find the best representation possible.

Let’s go over these factors and take a look at what they mean for you, your case, and winning the compensation you deserve.

1. Deep Experience

Tackling your Utah workers comp case is a big undertaking. The stakes are high, and choosing an attorney who isn’t prepared or doesn’t have enough of the right experience can cause you major setbacks.

It’s best to choose a firm with years of workers comp experience like Davis & Sanchez, who have helped hundreds of hurt workers just like yourself.

A deep pool of experience means you worker’s compensation attorneys have seen multiple types of injuries, a wide range of accidents and cases, and have dealt with just about every trick the legal system can throw your way.

That experience is peace of mind that your case is going to be resolved quickly and professionally.

2. Focus on Workers Comp Cases

While it’s possible to find a law firm that handles other case types in addition to workers comp, the fact remains that when lawyers spread themselves thin, mistakes can happen.

And when it comes to your case—with huge sums of money involved—we want to minimize and eliminate mistakes.

That’s why it’s so important to find a legal team that just specializes in workers comp in Utah. Specialists know the law front in back, and are able to devote 100% of their time and energy towards practicing the branch of law they care about most.

That’s the only way to get your case the attention and care you deserve.

3. Fair Settlements

Not only should settlements bring you the compensation you deserve, but they should also keep you out of the courtroom to avoid lengthy legal proceedings. Abe Lincoln is famously quoted as saying that a lawyer who spends all of his time in court isn’t a very good lawyer, and that couldn’t be more true today.

Many law firms have a track record of settlements, but when you dig a little deeper, those settlements might not be ‘fair’ for the hurt workers they represent. It’s one thing to settle out of court, but it’s an entirely different matter to land a settlement that takes care of you and eliminates all the doubt and worry from your life.

And of course, if a settlement just isn’t possible, you’ll need a team ready to fight and win for you in court.

Davis & Sanchez has a reputation for settling cases out of court—and not just settling, but achieving fair and just settlements for clients across Utah.

Elite Utah Workers Compensation

Experience, focus, results. The keys to finding a successful workers comp attorney in Utah are simple, but it’s tough to find a team that really gets it right.

But you owe it to yourself to find representation that really cares about you. Don’t settle for second-best when you’re looking for someone to help you settle your case.


Zero out-of-pocket costs, crystal-clear communication, immediate action on your case. With hundreds of clients served and years of combined experience, the attorneys of Davis Sanchez are known for their dedication to winning maximum settlements and judgments for their clients.

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