Can I Get Reimbursement for Travel Expenses in a Utah Workers Comp Claim?

Can I Get Reimbursement for Travel Expenses in a Utah Workers Comp Claim?

Not everyone has the luxury of living close to their doctor, and nobody wants to feel stuck or forced to choose a different medical expert after suffering a work-related injury. But when you’re hurt at work and you’re faced with frequent trips to an out-of-town office, those gas bills can really add up over time.

According to Utah law, Rule 612-300-8 lets injured workers seek reimbursement for travel expenses related to their injuries, including meals, gas and lodging, as long as you meet two conditions:

  • The travel you’re being reimbursed for was required, meaning your treatment couldn’t be obtained closer to home
  • You submitted a claim to the insurance adjuster within 12 months after incurring your travel expenses

One notable exception is that travel expenses related to picking up prescriptions is usually NOT allowed unless you have no pharmacy in your community.

The adjuster is required to pay for your travel expenses within three months of receiving your claim, or when at least $100 of total expenses have accrued—whichever comes first.

Reimbursement rates usually change a bit each year. The Utah Labor commission publishes a quick reference guide which covers various workers comp benefits and payment amounts. You can find the guide for 2018 here.

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