Don’t Fall for These 5 Common Workers Comp Myths

Don’t Fall for These 5 Common Workers Comp Myths

Workers compensation claims can be an effective tool for winning the compensation you deserve after a workplace injury. But there a lot of common misconceptions about workers compensation.

Here are some common myths about workers compensation, and the facts that you really need to know.

Employers Don’t Play A Big Role

If you’ve been injured at work, your employer will have to report the accident to their workers comp insurance company. Many people think that the role of the employer stops there. But your employer should be involved throughout the claims process.

Employers are required by law to stay in contact with you and assist with any therapy or treatment until you are able to return to work.

Independent Contractors Can’t File A Workers Comp Claim

Although not all independent contractors will be able to file a workers compensation claim, there are certain cases where they are eligible. This tends to vary widely depending on the state and the type of work that you do.

If you are an independent contractor who has been injured at work, you should speak to a workers comp attorney. They can help assess your case and see if you are eligible for any workers compensation benefits.

A Workers Comp Claim Puts Your Job In Jeopardy

Many workers are afraid to file a workers comp claim, thinking that it may put their job at risk. However, the law is designed to protect workers in case of an injury. It is illegal to fire a worker who is in the process of filing a workers comp claim.

Only Severe Injuries Qualify

Many workers compensation cases involve severe injuries that caused by negligence on the part of the employer. But an injury at work doesn’t have to be serious- or be caused by negligence- for you to file a workers compensation claim.

Even if the working environment is safe, you can receive compensation for any injury that occurs at work. A broken limb from a fall, exposure to toxic chemicals, and aggravation of preexisting injuries are all covered by workers compensation.

You Can’t Fight A Denied Claim

Some workers compensation claims will be denied. But that doesn’t mean your case is finished. There are multiple legal options available, including filing an appeal on your claim. If your appeal is successful, your case could be heard at another hearing.

If you are filing a workers compensation claim, you should speak to an experienced workers comp attorney. At Davis Sanchez, we can help ensure that your claim is filed properly. If your claim is denied, we can prepare the appeal, as well as consult you on all of your legal options.

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