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Basic Idaho Workers Comp Law

February 14th

Basic Idaho Workers Comp Law

If you’ve ever tried to read any legal documents or laws, you probably wondered why they have to be worded with such complexity. Idaho’s workers comp law is no different, so let us dig in and give you the details without the headache.

Idaho Workers Comp Coverage

With a handful of exceptions, most employees in Idaho are covered by the state’s workers compensation insurance. The two most notable exemptions are those for people working on farms, as well as domestic workers—such as nannies, adult care providers and house cleaners.

Mental disabilities are covered in some cases, but not those resulting from standard job-related activities, such as:

  • Evaluations
  • Terminations
  • Changes in job duties
  • Disciplinary actions

Essentially, workers comp insurance for mental disabilities is usually only granted in cases that fall well outside the scope of normal employment.

Idaho Workers Comp Benefits

The law states that medical treatment compensation may only be available for a limited time, which depends on the nature of your injury and may be up for interpretation. In some cases, employees have found it difficult to secure the long-term compensation they require without a skilled Idaho workers comp attorney.

There are two common types of benefits, first of which are retraining benefits—which you may be eligible for up to a year after your injury if you’re unable to resume work at your former job.

The second type is wage replacement, which is meant to compensate you for time missed from work. The level of compensation depends on both the length and severity of your disability, but is usually set at 55% of your typical weekly wage, with maximum and minimum legal limits.

Idaho Workers Comp Dispute Resolution

Claim denials are a fact of life, even with employees who seem to have rock-solid cases. In Idaho, disputing a denial involves submitting an official complaint form to the Idaho Industrial Commission along with a request for calendaring to establish a date for the hearing.

Your hearing will involve presentation of evidence that supports your claim, such as pay stubs, expert medical testimony, or employee testimony.

Idaho Workers Compensation Lawyers

If your claim was denied and you think your deserve compensation, navigating the IIC’s hearing process can be frustrating without the right help.

An expert Idaho workers comp attorney knows all the ins and outs of workers comp law and how to secure the most benefits with the least frustration.

Remember, in Idaho you have just 60 days to report your injury and a year to file your claim.

Get in touch today for a free consultation to find out if you have a strong case—and take the first step towards securing the benefits you deserve before it’s too late.


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