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Idaho Workers Comp FAQ

February 14th

Idaho Workers Comp FAQ

Workers compensation in Idaho can be difficult to understand, which is why Idaho workers compensation lawyers dedicate so much time to studying the law.

Not every question has an easy answer that can be summarized in a few short sentences, but these are some of the most common and the most important. If you’ve been hurt at work in Idaho and you’re looking for answers, start here.

What is the income benefit allowance in Idaho for time missed from work?

Basic Idaho workers comp benefits start at 67% of your weekly wage, but with minimums and maximums based on 90% of the average Idaho state wage.

If that sounds a little complicated, that’s because it is. Your workers compensation attorney can help you figure out your total benefits.

Can I receive both unemployment and workers comp benefits simultaneously?

Yes, you can. Get in touch with the Department of Commerce and Labor to find out more about your unemployment eligibility.

Can I be terminated while receiving Idaho workers compensation benefits?

Unfortunately, yes—and your benefits may or may not continue after the fact, depending on the specific circumstances of your case. However, those who are wrongfully let go from their jobs can and should seek legal counsel.

Do I have to accept light work if that work isn’t my normal job, or if it pays less than my normal job?

Usually, yes—as long as the work can be performed within the restrictions provided by your physician.

How do I dispute a denied claim?

In some cases the insurance company may deny your claim. If this happens but you believe you should be entitled to compensation, you may file a complaint with the Idaho Industrial Commission (IIC).

Filing a complaint begins the process of scheduling a hearing and eventually presenting your case to the Commission for a decision.

Do I need an Idaho workers comp attorney to file a complaint with the IIC?

No, you do not need a workers compensation attorney to go through with the complaint process. However, due to the extremely complicated nature of workers comp law in Idaho, you’re strongly urged to seek legal counsel—otherwise you run the risk of forfeiting years of compensation that you’re rightfully entitled to.

Does Idaho have a statute of limitations on workers compensation medical benefits?

There is no statute of limitations if you’ve met the filing requirements and notice deadlines—unless your workers comp claim has been settled with a lump sum payment.

Is there a statute of limitations on Idaho workers compensation income benefits?

Even after meeting notice and filing requirements, there may still be a statute of limitations for your income benefits.

Idaho law states that workers receiving income benefits being paid and discontinued longer than four years after the date of your accident allow one additional year after the final payment of benefits to request a hearing for additional benefits.

Additionally, in cases where no benefits are paid in the first year after your injury, you may no longer be eligible for income benefits.

Your Idaho workers compensation lawyer can help you navigate the tricky waters of statutes of limitation and simplify the process as much as possible.


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