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Here’s Why the Average Workers Comp Knee Injury Payout in Utah Is Bigger Than You Think

July 15th

Here’s Why the Average Workers Comp Knee Injury Payout in Utah Is Bigger Than You Think

Our knees are some of the joints that get used the most often of all. They’re responsible for each and every step we take, for every time we bend to pick something up, and they take a beating when we carry heavy loads. As such, for many jobs, our knees tend to suffer when we’re working.

As these joints are used so often and so heavily, they are among the most common injuries at work. They may occur when lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs, or even falling.

What’s worse is that these injuries may happen to just about anyone. Whether you’re a construction worker, an office employee, a manager, a factory worker, a driver, a doctor, a teacher or any other employee or employer, you too may be affected by the perils of a knee injury at work.

What is the average workers comp knee injury settlement? There is no one given answer that we can provide because the workers compensation for knee injury depends on a variety of factors. However, we can definitely give you an idea of what you may expect based on these different factors.

Let’s take a look at some average costs that are associated with knee injuries. This will help you calculate your own workers comp settlements for knee injuries.

The Types and Costs of Knee Injuries

You will not be surprised to find that the price of a knee injury depends on the severity of it, as well as on the treatment required. As an example, a sprain or a strain will heal with just rest and OTC medication. Unfortunately, many knee injuries may require surgery or physical therapy to get you back to work.

Below you will find some of the most common knee injuries.

Torn Meniscus

Menisci are pieces of cartilage that are found in the knee. They act as protectors–cushions, if you will—that prevent the bones from rubbing together. They also absorb some of the (often very heavy) pressure on the knee joint.

A twist of the knee, such as stepping badly or falling down a step, is enough to tear a meniscus. After a certain age, this injury becomes even more common, as menisci are worn thin with age.

How do you recognize a torn meniscus? Some of the symptoms include:

  • a popping sensation,
  • pain,
  • knee locking,
  • knee stiffness.

A small torn meniscus may heal with just rest, and it will be helped along by ice, compression, and of course leg elevation. However, in more severe cases, a doctor may recommend surgical intervention. Most of the time, the procedure performed will be arthroscopy, meniscectomy (removal of the meniscus), and meniscus repair.

An arthroscopy, while common, may cost upwards of $9,000.

Ligament Tears (Torn ACL/MCL/PCL)

These are perhaps the most common causes for workers compensation knee injury settlements. ACL/MCL/PCL are various tissues that are called ligaments. They control the movements of the knees and ensure stability.

An ACL is called the anterior cruciate ligament, an MCL – a medial collateral ligament, and lastly, PCL – the posterior cruciate ligament.

Damage to these tissues may result in painful swelling, knee buckling, limited movement, and even a popping sound. All of these should be consulted with a doctor.

The majority of tears and torn ligaments require surgery. An average ACL repair costs over $9,000. Perhaps the worst part of this type of injury is the fact that they take very long to heal, and may affect your productivity for up to six months.

Patellar Fracture (broken kneecap)

These typically require a cast or a splint that costs around $2,500. However, in the case of severe fractures, surgery may be required which will bump up the price by thousands of dollars.


Osteoarthritis is the unfortunate result of a knee injury. Once your knee has suffered a fall, a fracture or a tear, you may develop osteoarthritis in it. Fortunately, it is possible to claim workers compensation for knee injury based on this disease.

The most severe cases of osteoarthritis may require a knee replacement operation, which unfortunately costs tens of thousands of dollars. You can expect to pay anywhere between $49,000 and $57,000, with a partial replacement costing up to 20% less.

Some of the other common knee injuries that most often occur at work, or are caused by work, are:

  • bursitis,
  • dislocations,
  • tendonitis,
  • in severe environments, leg amputation due to work-related accidents.

The medical costs are steep and severe enough by themselves, but unfortunately, they’re not the only problem a worker has to deal with after suffering an injury. In the case of knee injuries, patients are often put on bed rest, sometimes for months. This means that, if you are affected, you may miss out on some income.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that workplace injuries, on average, force employees to take 16 days off work – that’s over two weeks. And if the injury is severe, that time may be multiplied by a few times.

Economic losses–this is what we call medical expenses and lost earnings. They have a monetary amount, and everyone deserves them.

Contact a reliable attorney that is knowledgeable in your local state law to get the best knee injury workers compensation settlement. At Davis & Sanchez, we are always here to help with your settlement.

What Does Workers Comp Entail?

Workers compensation is going to cover a part of your average weekly wages. The amount of time that will be covered depends on the severity of your injury.

Apart from covering medical bills and other medical expenses, your workers comp for knee injury should cover your lost wages. All of these factors rely on one thing: how much the work injury has disabled you.

Here are some basic guidelines:

Temporary partial disability- Partial disability means that you will be able to work, but you cannot earn your usual wages due to the injury.

Temporary total disability- In this case, you will miss more than seven days at work due to your injury.

Permanent partial disability- This unfortunate scenario typically means that you have permanently lost the use of a limb or other body part.

Permanent total disability- This is an injury that permanently prevents you from working. In this scenario, you may be entitled to receive a rate for every week of your life.

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