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Can You Speed Up A Workers Comp Claim? Yes and No.

August 26th

Can You Speed Up A Workers Comp Claim? Yes and No.

Workers often get impatient after an injury, wondering when they will receive compensation that will help them pay for medical bills.

The workers compensation process can be long and frustrating, as insurers drag out your case to avoid paying you the money you deserve. But there are some easy steps that can help you speed up your claim.

Here’s how you can get the ball rolling on your workers comp claim. If you’re worried that your case is taking too long, you should reach out to a workers comp attorney to help you with your claim.

Keep Records Of Your Injury

One of the most common causes of delays is poorly filed reports. Insurers can use any missing information in your original claim to stall and try to hold out on paying you what you are owed.

To reduce the number of hold ups with your case, make sure to record as much as possible about your injury. Write down when and where it occurred, and get written testimonies from anyone who may have witnessed the injury.

You should also document any doctor’s visits and medical procedures you have. Get written reports from any doctors you visit, and make sure they understand that you were injured at work.

File any medical bills, as these will be crucial for estimating the value of your claim. If you omit any records, your payments could be reduced.

Stay In Touch With Your Lawyer

To make your case go as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to communicate with your attorney. They can only help you if you keep them in the loop, so make sure to update them on any changes in your case.

If you visit your doctor and they tell you to take time off work, make sure that your attorney knows. You should also keep track of all medical bills and send them to your attorney so they can calculate your benefits.

Many clients are afraid of bothering their attorney, thinking that too many calls will be a nuisance. But your attorney is there to help you, and it’s their job to work alongside you to build the strongest case possible.

If you have any questions about your case, or are worried that your employer is not paying you what you are owed, reach out to your attorney right away.

Always Listen To Your Doctor

Insurance companies and aggressive adjusters will do everything in their power to limit your benefits and protect your bottom line. If they hear that you disobey your doctor’s orders, they will try to take advantage of this to cut off your payments.

Follow any instructions your doctor gives you. If they tell you to limit your movement, then listen to them. If you reinjure yourself while doing something your doctor advised you against, you could put your claim at risk.

Disobeying a doctor’s order can also drag out your case, as insurance companies could use it to delay payments or a settlement.

Don’t Ignore Your Attorney

Most attorneys will give their clients simple advice, such as staying off social media and always being honest with your doctors. Remember, a good attorney has your best interest in mind, so you’re better off listening to their recommendations.

Be Clear About Your Goals

Workers comp claims aren’t always about getting the biggest settlement. Some people want to get the case over with so that they can get on with their life, rather than getting bogged down in a long legal case.

Make sure your attorney knows what you want from your claim. If you plan on going back to work as soon as possible, let your attorney know. If you plan on retiring soon and want a one time settlement as soon as you can get it, tell your attorney.

Communicate With Your Employer

Right after the accident occurs, you need to make sure that your employer knows, and that any injuries are accurately reported. By getting on the same page from day one, you can make it easier to move forward with your claim.

If your employer is giving you problems, speak to your attorney. They can make sure that your rights are not being violated, and prevent your employer from cutting off payments.

Find The Right Workers Comp Attorney

An inexperienced attorney can delay your claim, and possibly lower the value of your payout. At Davis & Sanchez, we fight to protect your rights, ensuring that you receive the compensation that you deserve.


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