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How to Choose the Best Workers Compensation Attorney in Idaho

March 13th

How to Choose the Best Workers Compensation Attorney in Idaho

Looking for a workers comp attorney in Idaho, but don’t know how to start?

Finding an Idaho workers compensation lawyer doesn’t have to be hard—but taking the right first step is crucial. Let’s go over some of the clear indicators of a knowledgeable, dedicated workers comp attorney, and how to find the best lawyer for your case.

Look for Recommendations, Reviews, and Testimonials

Because so many attorneys depend on word of mouth for referrals, one of the best places to start is with friends, colleagues or family members.

Idaho workers comp lawyers who handle a lot of cases should have no shortage of satisfied clients. Another great source is with local or state legal help offices or bar associations.

Referrals are a much better way to dig up fantastic Idaho workers comp attorneys than just flipping open the phone book and dialing the first practice you find.

Research Attorneys Online

Websites let users rate and review everything from mechanics to ice cream shops, and that includes attorneys, too. Avvo and other similar sites have extensive directories of lawyers in all branches of law, both nationwide and within Idaho. Making use of these sites is a great way to supplement your research and referrals with even more information.

But even if you find a lawyer on one of these review sites, you shouldn’t overlook the attorney’s own site. A professional website with knowledgeable, well-written content is a definite sign that the firm is dedicated to client education and outreach.

On the attorney’s website, search for solutions to the most common legal questions, reviews and testimonials from past clients, plus in-depth information about the attorney’s experience with workers comp law.

A website doesn’t paint the whole picture, but more often than not, a great site (that offers proof of its claims) indicates the firm is a reputable, reliable choice.

Go with Your Gut Instinct During the Consultation

The consultation is the most vital step in this whole process. Even Idaho workers comp lawyers with great reviews and a good website might not be a great fit for you based on how the consultation goes.

Picking your Idaho workers compensation attorney is like holding a job interview. At your consultation, the lawyer will ask you a lot of questions to get a better handle on the nature of your case. However, it’s up to you to ask questions of your own, too. Here are a few to get you started:

  • What percentage of the law firm’s cases are related to workers comp? It’s in your best interest to find an attorney who focuses 100% on workers comp law.
  • How long has the lawyer or firm been practicing Idaho workers comp law?
  • Will the attorney you meet be the one who handles a majority of the case load, or will your case be delegated to paralegals and assistants?
  • If you call the law firm’s office, will a member of their team always be able to answer your questions?
  • Can the lawyer explain the whole Idaho workers compensation process in a simple way that non-lawyers can understand?
  • Can the lawyer name both the weak and strong points of your case?
  • Does the attorney belong to any legal associations?

Again, these should be enough to get you started. Be sure to ask whatever questions you feel are relevant to your case. The best lawyers are able to answer client questions with honesty and simplicity—and without any sales pitch.

Decision Time: Can the Attorney Get the Job Done?

As you leave your consultation, how do you feel? Confident? Reassured? Does the lawyer seem like the best choice to help with your case?

Authority, responsiveness, friendliness, patience—just a handful of the traits of a good lawyer.

Remember, the workers comp process can take longer than you’d like. Finding a partner who’s invested in your success is critical. Choose a firm that treats your case as seriously as you do, period.


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