Utah Workers Compensation Dependents Now Get 4x as Much Per Week

Utah Workers Compensation Dependents Now Get 4x as Much Per Week

For roughly 30 years, Utah workers compensation dependents have only been eligible to receive $5 per week. That adds up to just $25 per week for a family of 6, and while that might have been OK in 1988, the cost of living has skyrocketed since then.

We at Davis & Sanchez know all too well that our clients and other hurt workers across the state need and deserve more than that. That’s why we developed a proposal to quadruple the claimable amount for dependents in order to better reflect inflation over the past three decades.

After presenting our proposal to other law firms and members of the Workers Compensation Advisory Council, we’re happy to say that (as of July 2018), workers compensation carriers are now required to pay dependents of hurt workers $20 per week, which includes care for a spouse and four children.

From $25 per week to $100 per week—that’s a huge increase, and a change we hope will make the lives of our clients and their families just a little bit easier.

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