What You Should Be Doing Right Now if You’ve Been Hurt at Work

What You Should Be Doing Right Now if You’ve Been Hurt at Work

If you’ve been injured at work, you might not know how to file a claim to ensure you receive compensation. It’s important that you take action right away to prevent employers and insurance companies from denying you the benefits that you are owed.

Here’s what you need to do after any workplace injury. If you still have any questions about filing a workers comp claim, you should reach out to an experienced attorney for help preparing your case.

Report The Injury To Your Employer Right Away

With any workplace injury, it’s important to report the accident as soon as possible to your employer. If you don’t report the injury within a set period (usually 30 days) you may be at risk of losing out on benefits.

Make sure to report all of the details of the accident, including the time and place where it occurred. Any holes in your report can be used against you later after you file your claim.

File A Claim

One you’ve reported the injury to your employer, you’ll need to file a workers compensation claim. This will be used as the basis for any compensation you receive for your injuries, so make sure it is detailed and complete.

The workers compensation claim will be used by your employer’s insurer to determine how large of a payout you should receive for your injuries.

When Is An Injury Severe Enough To Report?

Many workers suffer mild injuries that don’t cause them much pain at the time. They may be unsure whether it’s worth reporting such a minor injury, or fear that their employer won’t take it seriously.

But it’s important that you report even minor injuries as soon as possible. An injury can cause little pain at first, only to worsen with time. But if you haven’t filed a report within a certain window, you may be at risk of losing benefits.

For example, if you tweak your back on the job, pain may only become severe months after the injury. But if you didn’t report the accident when it occurred, your employer and their insurer can potentially deny you benefits.

Get Help From Your Coworkers

Approaching an employer about an injury often makes workers anxious. They may fear that they won’t be taken seriously, and that their injury will be brushed off.

To improve the chances of a successful claim, get your coworkers to help you out. You can use them as witnesses to help support your version of events. That means it will no longer just be your word against your employer’s.

Just make sure you get witness testimony as soon as possible. Your coworkers will be able to remember more details, and their reports will be taken more seriously by insurers.

Find The Right Workers Compensation Attorney

The period after a workplace injury can be difficult. Bills start to pile up, and trying to sort out your legal options while injured makes an already anxious time even more confusing.

A skilled workers compensation attorney can walk you through the claims process, ensuring that your employer doesn’t take advantage of your injuries.

At Davis & Sanchez, we fight to protect your rights, helping you win maximum compensation for your injuries. We deal with aggressive insurance adjusters and uncooperative employers so that you don’t have to.

We offer free case evaluations, where we talk about your injuries and plan out a legal strategy. We do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your recovery and on your family.

Reach us by phone today, or fill out our free case evaluation form.

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